Hi, I'm Bethany West

DIYer, homebody, and proud wife of California's greatest mailman (personal opinion - don't come at me). I dove deep into learning photography in 2020 and, after Jesus and my husband, it has been one of my greatest passions every since. I love that I get to make art while also making someone else's day. I think the best work is the kind you can give to or share with others. I hope I get to share my joy with you too!

My Family

(Just Parents and siblings)

My Family

(moms side)

My Family

(Dads side)

(that's not even all of them...)


My Hobbies and Preferences




  • Roller skating at the skatepark
  • Wood and Woodworking
  • Sewing
  • Feeding people and hosting
  • Studying the bible
  • Playing D&D
  • Pineapple on Pizza
  • Notion
  • ASL (although I'm not fluent)
  • Singing with my family




  • Cardio
  • Peas
  • Carbonation
  • Cold Mornings
  • (I'm sure there's more)

Our Immediate Family (Mine and My Husbands) on our wedding day