Why a portrait session?

When I was younger I loved modeling for pictures and it seemed to come pretty naturally to me for the most part, but nobody ever seemed to take the picture how I imagined it in my head and I would always look back and wish I would have changed something about my pose if only I could see myself! That's when I got into photography and realized I could do for others what I wished someone else would do for me: Find the best angles, take their time, get creative, and give me some direction! Even now I don't really like taking pictures of myself all that much because when I'm in both positions (even with a tripod and camera setup) it's an endless cycle of "take the picture" - "check the picture" - "retake the picture." That's where I come in for you... I don't just take pictures, I help you feel the most natural and confident and give prompts and direction until we get the BEST shots. It's not being fake to re-take a photo several times until its great, it's called being intentional! I can't wait to capture your best self!


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